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10 habits of successful job seekers

#10 is my favourite

“You can’t buy that.”

When I was young, my mom would never buy me the shiny new toys I wanted.

I would watch my friends with envy as they got everything I could never have.

It was the same when it came to the job search. Everyone was celebrating work anniversaries on LinkedIn, and I could only watch with envy.

But after talking to hundreds of successful job seekers, I’ve uncovered the secret habits that helped them land the job.

Looking back, I noticed I got a job within weeks of applying these habits.

Psst: the last tip is my favourite! Read til the end to find out why.

Message to a team member. Text reads omg I just read the article you linked, it's my favourite tip.

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Job search checklist PDF download

☀️ Daily habits

1. Share 1 new thing you learned every day

Tweet it, post it on LinkedIn, or put it on a private blog. It can be something small or a big project. It can be learning from a success or a failure.

2. Get 1 thing done that’s aligned with your goals

The EntryLevel team agreed this is a key habit of successful job seekers. Here’s why 👇

You get used to a “work” routine.

Message from team member. Text reads oh, and wake up early each day and be active or productive at something liek they already have a job. It's good practice and good for sending positive energy your way.

You do something to improve every day, instead of just staying stagnant.

Message from our CEO, Ajay. Text reads 1. They default to action. I’ve seen so many people just stall or can’t get started. 2. Don’t strive for perfection. They just start even if they are unsure on their resume, application etc.

If you’re a perfectionist, consider this quote:

What’s scarier? Staying the same 1 year later, or putting imperfect work out there so you can improve with feedback?

〰️ Weekly habits

3. Connect meaningfully with 1 new person

Your network is your net worth.

Build relationships every week. Connect with someone - whether it’s through LinkedIn, an event, or a WhatsApp group you’re in.

4. Send at least 1 message in a community

Joining a community related to your industry helps you learn faster with:

  • Expert advice

  • Feedback on your work

  • Accountability partners

And more.

Alexa recommends the All About Data community for Data Analysts.

Quote from Alexa. Text reads Joining a community guarantees you’re going to learn faster.

🗓️ Monthly habits

5. Attend an event (online or in-person)

Events are a great way to network and build relationships. If you attend a workshop, you’ll also learn new things and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Using LinkedIn for your job search workshop

6. Catch up with a mentor

Every month, set a goal with your mentor. In the next month, report back about what you learned - whether you met that goal or not.

🌓 Quarterly

7. Take a course

Tech is always changing. Take a course to ensure your skills are up-to-date.

8. Do a portfolio project

EntryLevel’s programs are 6 weeks and have a portfolio project component built in to guide you through it.

Get experience. Get the job. Pictures of EntryLevel program certificate and a data analyst tableau dashboard portfolio.

🤝 When you get an interview

9. Ask for feedback

Got rejected?

That’s okay. Have a growth over goals mindset and focus on getting feedback.

Learn and improve yourself based on the feedback you get.

Treat your job search like a growth experiment. Learn and get feedback quickly. Quote from Ati.

10. Tell a story

My favourite tip.

Storytelling may be the key to landing your next job.

Stand out from other applicants by focusing on a theme you want the recruiter or hiring manager to remember.

Example: as a Product Manager, you want to be known for being creative within the constraints given.

All your experiences can be framed in this context - even if you don’t have previous experience.

Talk about how you created a unique product without paying anything to build it.

Talk about how you created a fun toy made completely out of paper as a child (which is what I did when my mom wouldn’t let me buy new toys).

If you can’t think of any experiences you have, refer to tip #2: take action to reach that goal.


Do these 10 habits and you’ll succeed:

  1. Share 1 new thing you learned every day

  2. Get 1 thing done that’s aligned with your goals

  3. Connect meaningfully with 1 new person

  4. Send at least 1 message in a community

  5. Attend an event (online or in-person)

  6. Catch up with a mentor

  7. Take a course

  8. Do a portfolio project

  9. Ask for feedback

  10. Tell a story

Did you learn something you'll use in your life?

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