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🧠 3 interview tips backed by psychology

Ace your next interview with these tricks

Want to impress interviewers?

Here’s how you can do it - using the power of psychology.

Disclaimer: The tips we’ve listed below are just some advice that might be helpful, depending on the kind of company or industry you’re interviewing for.

Trick #1: Colors matter

Take a look at these two. Which character traits would you associate with each one?

Maybe you thought that the one in blue appears professional and interview ready, while the one in red looks more like he’s more ready for the dance floor.

Color Psychology suggests that the colors we wear can make an impact on how people perceive us.

Here is a list of colors you should and shouldn’t wear:

✅ Go for it:

Blue: Considered as one of the best colors to wear for an interview – show that you’re trustworthy, calm, and a team player.

Gray: Capable of working on your own? Portray yourself as independent, logical, and analytical with gray.

White: Playing it safe? go for white! Be seen as someone who pays attention to detail, organized, and respectable.

⚠️ Wear with caution:

Brown: Showcase your commitment and reliability. But be careful: it can also suggest that you’re old-fashioned and resistant to change.

Black: Better for higher positions than entry-level jobs - it conveys leadership, sophistication, and authority.

Read here to learn more:

❌ Avoid these:

Red: Broadcasts power and aggression, it suggests that you’re assertive and argumentative.

Orange: Often considered by employers as an unprofessional color.

Other useful tips:
  • Wear lighter or muted shades to look more calm, friendly, and approachable.

  • Darker shades are best for high-powered positions.

  • Vibrant shades can demonstrate confidence.

  • Dress simply to appear more grounded and sensible.

Trick #2: Channel your inner chameleon

We like people like us.

A concept in psychology called the “chameleon effect” can explain this.

Research suggests that we tend to unconsciously mirror someone’s behavior when we want to make them like us more.

But don’t completely parrot all your hiring manager’s behaviors; you just want to subtly reflect their posture, gestures, and body language. This works for vocal pitch and tone too!

Sample scenario: Your interviewer leans forward and clasps their hands together. Wait about 30 seconds, then adjust your posture and place your hands on your lap.

Keep in mind:
  • Only adopt positive behaviors: Be mindful about your interviewer’s attitudes and behaviors – make sure not to mimic any negative ones.

  • Don’t overdo it: Concentrating so much on doing this might get you distracted and lose thread of the conversation.

  • Practice makes perfect: Try to rehearse this skill with other people first, like your friends or your family.

Trick #3: Repeat things back

Good listening skills are important for any job.

But simultaneously listening and reflecting on what a person is saying can make you seem more interested and intelligent.

This is called “reflective listening”, a communication strategy that happens in two parts:

  1. Listen and try to understand what a person is saying.

  2. Respond by paraphrasing what they said to confirm you understood and emphasize their point.

By doing this, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the message,

  • Avoid a wandering mind during the conversation,

  • Reduce miscommunication,

  • Flatter the interviewer by showing that their words are being acknowledged!

Final words

While these are some fun tricks to help raise your chances of getting the job, don’t forget to:

  • Do your own research on the company and position you’re applying for,

  • Practice answering interview questions using the STAR method,

  • Be ready with smart questions to ask your interviewers,

  • Plan ahead to manage your time, be well-rested and arrive early.


Give these psychology tricks a shot on your next interview:

  1. Colors matter

  2. Channel your inner chameleon

  3. Repeat things back

Are you willing to try any of these tricks?

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