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3 tips to build a successful network

How to stand out in your tech career

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“Your network is your net worth.”

You probably know this already - but how do you build a network?

Especially if you don’t know anyone in tech?

(Tip 3 is my favourite - you’ll see why 😛)

Psst: you can watch the video version of this article here.


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1. Ask good questions

“This guy Daniel always asked really great questions, so when I needed to hire someone, I thought of him.”

When you ask good questions, you share how you think.

More than that, if you show genuine interest in the answer (and in learning), you’ll stand out.

2. Build a community

What Ajay said in the video resonated with me.

If you can’t find tech events to go to, just host one yourself.

Be proactive.

And how she eventually left that job to go all-in on content creation and travelling.

3. Be interesting

Ajay gave me a shoutout in this section of the video 🥺 

And it’s also why I keep getting DMs like “how can I get you to work with my team?”

Here’s what I did:

  1. Worked on an interesting project (my EntryLevel data analyst project)

  2. Shared that project everywhere online

  3. Went viral

It led me to so many more opportunities than if I hadn’t shared anything interesting online.

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