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Why you aren't getting mentors

How to speed up your career growth

Looking for a mentor in the new year?

Here’s how to do it so you don’t get ghosted.

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1. Make it clear

When reaching out to potential mentors on LinkedIn or in other communities, be clear with what you’re asking for.

Are you wanting a 1-time coffee chat / 30-min Zoom call?

Are you searching for job referrals, or just general advice for your resume and portfolio?

Being more specific is better than asking for general advice.

2. Make it easy

Your mentors are busy. Make it as easy as possible for them to say yes.


Don’t say “I’m looking for a mentor. Can you help me?”

This is confusing and vague - how will they help? Help with what? What will they help with?

Instead, say “I saw your background in data analysis and loved your project on XYZ. I’m interested in pursuing a similar project in your industry and was wondering if you had 10 minutes to give me feedback on my learning plan? Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send over the details!”

3. Do your research

Don’t expect your mentor to know everything.

Research first, so you can ask better questions and get better insights.


Don’t ask “what’s the difference between UX and UI design?”

You can ask ChatGPT or Google.

Instead, ask deeper questions that someone with industry knowledge would know (and that you can’t find easily online).

Something like “how did you juggle the needs of different stakeholders, and how can I practice that if I haven’t landed my first job yet?”


Here’s how to find quality mentors in 2024:

  1. Make it clear

  2. Make it easy

  3. Do your research

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