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About the F-shaped pattern

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Here’s a mistake many entry-level job seekers make, and how you can avoid it.


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Impact-based accomplishments are hidden

I remember seeing an impressive resume once.

It showed clear impact in numbers, like:

“Increased revenue by 20%.”

But it was hidden at the end of the sentence, like:

“Conducted user research to inform conversion rate optimization strategies, which increased revenue by 20%.”

Make your accomplishments more visible

If this person knew about the F-shaped pattern, they would’ve written:

“Increased revenue by 20% by conducting user research to inform conversion rate optimization strategies.”

People scan in F-shaped patterns.

Which is more important for recruiters to read:

Conducted user research…

Or increased revenue by 20%?

Psst: you can read more about the F-shaped pattern on this LinkedIn post.

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