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🏆 Find top startups to get hired

Including bonus job search tip you can't miss!

Remote job boards aren’t working for you?

Try this unique tip to get hired at top-growing startups.

Psst: this week’s article is inspired by The Compounding Career, a career growth newsletter for SaaS professionals.

Where to find startups that are hiring

Working for startups is the fastest way to learn and grow - especially for beginners.

That’s according to an EntryLevel student who landed 2 jobs in tech in less than 6 months.

But where do you find fast-growing startups that are hiring?

Check startup databases:

Here’s a tutorial from this week’s sponsor on how to find startups that are hiring on Peer Signal.

Startup job search tip

Stand out from thousands of job applications by doing these:

  1. Send personalized connections to hiring managers on LinkedIn

  2. Create Loom videos to introduce yourself to recruiters

  3. Figure out what the company’s biggest problems are and how to improve them

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