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💻 Get a tech job in 6 months

Ayomide's story


Ayomide started her journey in Product Management 6 months ago.

Since then, she's worked with 2 tech firms - going from intern to full-time Product Manager.

And after sharing her advice at our 1-hour workshop, she’s empowered others to land roles in tech too.

A student's message to Ayomide on LinkedIn saying they landed a position and had 8 product owners reach out to them - all because of following Ayomide's advice.

Needless to say, she’s inspired many people hoping to do the same.

Today, I’m highlighting the 3 main takeaways from Ayomide’s experiences.

This is her story.

Comments from students saying "ayomide i'm so inspired by your story. her vibe is just so amazing"

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Takeaway 1: talk to others

Ayomide didn’t even know she’d like product management.

She was just part of a community of tech people, who she said were a “good influence.”

One of them said she’d be good at product management, which led her to start learning in EntryLevel’s Product Management course.

After taking the course, she felt confident enough to reach out to strangers on LinkedIn.

Eventually, some people she reached out to gave her internship opportunities - because she researched their needs and tailored her pitch to them.

example of ayomide's linkedin activity, which is all relevant to product management.

Tip: post relevant projects and learnings - like cool things you learn in EntryLevel’s programs. The people you reach out to (to ask for referrals and opportunities) will stalk your profile, so make sure it’s relevant.

Takeaway 2: product manage your career

“I gave myself a timeline for my career,” Ayomide said.

“I reached out to 10 product owners a day. After 3 months, I planned to reach out to another set of organizations so I could learn more.”

This way, the next step in her career is always clear.

There’s a roadmap with no room for excuses or scope creep.

Ayomide also recommends working with startups.

“If you need to have solid knowledge and experience, start with a startup. You’ll learn so much.”

Takeaway 3: don’t self-reject

“Did you take Product Management Level 2 with EntryLevel before landing an internship?”

This was a common question Ayomide got.

And the answer is no.

She got her job after taking EntryLevel’s Product Management Level 1 course. She only started Level 2 later, to help her in her work.

“It’s a good way to start your journey,” she said. “The modules and knowledge helped me for months - and are still helping in my job. I reference them to make sure I’m not skipping any steps.”

So no, you don’t need yet another course or project if you’ve already done one. You know a lot more than you think.

Don’t self-reject - apply to that opportunity. Try your best.

It only takes 1 yes to change your life.

Start outside your comfort zone - that's where growth and opportunities are.

Just take action.

it only takes 1 yes to change your life. just take action.


Takeaway 1: talk to others

Takeaway 2: product manage your career

Takeaway 3: don’t self-reject

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