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How to get work experience in 2024

Tips if you're stuck in your job search

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If you’re:

  • Looking for a tech job

  • Unsure how to get experience to get the job

  • Overwhelmed with deciding what to learn

Here’s what to do next.

It’s how you can get experience easily within just 1 weekend.

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1. Create a fake company project

Pick 1 job you think is interesting.

Or 1 company you think is interesting.

Whether you’re looking for a data analyst job or product management job, just pick a company that seems interesting to you first.

2. Look at job descriptions

Job descriptions will have example tasks for you to do.

Do those tasks for the fake company.

If you don’t have the resources (i.e. company data), ask ChatGPT to create some mock examples for you to work with.

3. Do the project

You can even ask ChatGPT what your next steps are for the project.

For example, if you’re a data analyst, give ChatGPT the fake company’s details. Share your project details (or ask ChatGPT to come up with some for you). Then, ask for your next steps.

4. Share your learnings

After you complete the project, share everything you learned from it on LinkedIn.

This shows recruiters that you’re learning and getting experience - even if it’s not for a “real” company.


Here’s how to get experience quickly:

  1. Create a fake company project

  2. Look at job descriptions

  3. Do the project

  4. Share your learnings

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