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OpenAI will transform how you work (for FREE)

We explain the latest GPT Update and how it will transform how you work

The latest GPT release will transform the way you work (for FREE! ❤️)

If you haven't heard yet, OpenAI has released its GPT-4 model with a suite of new capabilities, including a real-time voice assistant, video feed recognition, and much more.

This newsletter will cover how you can enhance your work today (or whenever the full suite of tools is released).

P.S. Before I start, make sure you forward this to a friend because it’s going to be an email full of gold. Here’s how our team is and will be using AI to augment our work even more!

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What does the GPT-4o include?

Quick context for those who may not be familiar with the models: OpenAI, one of the leading AI companies in the world with Sam Altman as the CEO, previously had two main models you could interact with on ChatGPT, their AI chat interface.

  • GPT 3.5 → Fast

  • GPT 4 → More Intelligent

With their latest release, GPT-4o it gives you GPT-4 intelligence (perhaps even better!) at GPT-3.5 speeds.

However, this wasn’t the thing that made me jump out of my seat. Here are some bonus features that excited me more:

  • Real time, low-latency voice chat: It was like having a chat that was as natural as talking to a human

  • Expressive & Emotive Voice: the AI could convey emotions and expressiveness in it’s voice

  • Video processing: the AI can see and hear you as if you’re chatting to it via video call.

Oh did I mention it will be free? 🤯

(as of writing this, I cannot see it in my free account but I have access in my pro account - they are slowly releasing it over the next few weeks)

This is the live event where they released the details of the future releases

If you want to see it in action click here.

The top comment was “This AI has more personality than I do and I hate it” 🤣

Here’s how we’re thinking about augmenting our workflow

Leaving it open as a permanent notes/search tool

This is something Sam Altman mentions in an interview for a use case with GPT-4o.

One surprising use case was placing his phone on the table while he worked and using it as a 24/7 search tool. Instead of switching tabs and googling, he could simply speak out loud and have it perform tasks without getting distracted.

This is one I’m personally going to start doing when I get access to the improved voice chat function. I will just work and then if I have a thought or want to search something I’ll just ask GPT and won’t get distracted by opening another tab.

Enhancing Team Meetings & Facilitating Them

With GPT-4's video processing capabilities, we’re integrating it into our virtual meetings. The AI can transcribe, analyze, and even summarize meeting discussions in real-time. This means no more tedious note-taking, and everyone can stay fully engaged in the conversation.

Beyond this, we can ask it to facilitate a session with the team since it can hear & see everyone in the meeting. “Hey GPT, can you facilitate a cool workshop with the team so we can bond better? Make sure everyone has time and space to speak” or “Hey GPT, can you run our team strategy meeting, here are the notes we need to go through”

I wonder if I can stop spending time on management and focus more on creative work? 🤨

This video has Sal Khan asking GPT to facilitate a conversation between him and his son:

Practicing tough conversations

It’s always hard and stressful preparing for interviews, salary negotiations and other discussions. Now we can use GPT to act as our ‘sparring partner’ to help us practice those conversations.

I will definitely be using it to practice my negotiating strategies to ensure I am doing as well as I could be. I can also take the entire transcript of my conversation and get it to rate my performance and give me tips too.

Here’s How We Can Help  🚀
Here are a few recommendations or ways we can help you. Follow the links if any of these are interesting.

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🌍 Find a Job: Try applying for work with Athyna
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Screen Sharing Whilst Learning

One of the examples shared on Youtube is Sal Khan from Khan Academy and his son asking GPT to help them solve a math problem. (You can see it here)

Can you see how you could have this open whilst you’re going through courses (perhaps an EntryLevel course) and have it help you real time. (P.S we’re working on incorporating this into our systems so you can use it natively)

Live Feedback

Soon OpenAI will launch their desktop tool which will have access to your screen share (if you permit) so you can ask it for feedback on your designs, product management briefs or any type of work you can think of!

“Hey GPT, what font do you think would work well on this Canva poster?”

GPT Desktop App

Automated Documentation

If you’re like me, you may prefer talking about something rather trying a document explaining it to someone. (he says as he is manually typing out this email newsletter…) Imagine where you can speak to your AI about the processes involved with something and walk them through it on your screen.

The GPT will then take that and generate an standard operating procedure (SOP) which can be circulated with the rest of your team

Multi-lingual Teams

GPT is going to have live voice translations so you can communicate with people who don’t speak the same language as you. Perhaps in the near future you could work at a company where you don’t speak their language but can contribute using the AI. (Maybe a little far fetch’d but who knows what is possible)

We hope this helps! Let us know what you thought of this email as it helps us improve!

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