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  • 🗺️ Land a tech job with career roadmaps

🗺️ Land a tech job with career roadmaps

Free template included

Struggling to stay consistent in your tech job search?

Career roadmaps make it easier.

Today, you’ll learn how to set one up - and why.


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What is a career roadmap?

It’s how one EntryLevel student landed 2+ tech roles in 6 months.

It’s how you:

  • Stay consistent

  • Always know the next steps in your career

  • Learn and get experience faster

How to create a career roadmap

Think of your career vision and work backwards from there.

Then, prioritize.

If you’ve taken our Product Management or Growth/Digital Marketing courses, you know all about ICE scores and other prioritization frameworks to do this.

Psst: you can use AI to help you make a plan too. Use this prompt:

You’re a tech career guidance expert. I want to break into [insert field here]. Plan a roadmap for me to learn the skills I need to land a job in that role in [insert timeframe here, like 6 months].

After you get a response, use this prompt next.

(You want to put separate requests in separate prompts for better quality answers.)

Now provide me with a list of resources to learn the above. Break it down into a comprehensive, straightforward curriculum so I’m not overwhelmed. I want to know what tasks I should be doing every single week - from what skills I need to learn to the projects I should try.

You can share the curriculum in the format below.

Week 1 topics:
Skills to learn:
Tasks and projects:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set up a table (can be on Excel, a document, or in your notebook)

  2. Write down roles you’re interested in, like product management, data analysis, web development

  3. Write down scores out of 10 for how interested you are in each career, the demand, the salary, and any other factors you care about. The closer your score is to 10, the better it is

  4. Write down what you need to know in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year in order to land that career (skills, certifications or courses, etc.)

  5. Create a timeline for when you’ll learn each skill

Free career roadmap template

I created a Google Sheets template to help.

Just make a copy of it to edit:

Please note there are 3 separate sheets. Follow the steps outlined in the guide above.

3 sheets are career decisions, career skills, and career roadmap

You can also change the timeline to start today.

Career timeline on a spreadsheet.

Additional reading

Need more inspiration before getting started?

I recommend checking out these resources.

How an EntryLevel student landed 2+ roles in 6 months: https://www.entrylevel.net/events/how-to-get-pm-experience

How an EntryLevel student landed a role in 4 months: https://www.entrylevel.net/events/get-a-pm-internship-in-4-months

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