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  • If you learn to do this, you will 10x your career 🏆

If you learn to do this, you will 10x your career 🏆

The one ESSENTIAL skill that will level up your career

This skill seems like a side-hobby, or a nice to do if you have the time.

But I think it’s essential for anyone who wants to level up in their career and work life and stand out.

That's right, its writing ✍️

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I started writing for the public three months ago, and it’s already had a huge impact on my career.

Since I’ve started writing, I’ve:

  • Made cool, smart friends who I wouldn't have met otherwise 🫂

  • Learned about so many new topics - from crypto, to gig work, to rental markets in West Africa 🧠 

  • Connected with industry leaders in startups and venture capital, who have subscribed to my newsletter 💌 

And it’s not just me - writing has helped others start communities of like-minded people, and land their next big career opportunity.

So today, I’m going to give you three reasons and real examples of why writing is so important.

Let’s dive in!

1) It makes you a better thinker

To write well is to think clearly. That's why it's so hard.

David McCullough

You don’t truly understand something until you write it down.

Writing forces you to do the research and clarify thoughts in your mind into something easy to understand.

You quickly realise what’s fact and what isn't.

Every time I’ve written an article about a new space, I’ve gotten smarter and gathered new knowledge that has helped in my career.

For example, I knew that crypto adoption in Africa was growing, but I didn't realise why until I connected the dots between international payment issues and devaluing currency for an article on Crypto in Africa.

Now I have a better idea of how and when crypto is used on the continent, and it’s also helped us think about payments at EntryLevel.

As you continue to write, you will start to connect the dots in your knowledge more and more and apply it to what you’re working on.

2) It brings likeminded people your way

The more you write and share your work, the more likeminded people will come your way.

It’s a really easy way to make friends with similar interests to you.

Aryaansh is a public markets nerd. And he loves memes. He researches public markets and keeps tabs on financial news every day.

When he started Market Munch, he wanted to condense his learning into written form and share that with likeminded people for their input.

Now he has a group of readers who will engage with his content every time he posts - learning other people’s perspectives, growing connections and having fun with it.

Aryaansh’s writing helped him build a community of likeminded people.

And in turn, he gets more involved in public markets, grows his personal brand, and increases his chances of getting great opportunities coming his way.

Speaking of people who have had great opportunities come their way from writing..

3) Writing can land you your next big opportunity

What do you think health and venture capital have in common?

Em Casey started writing about Health Tech in Australia as an ex-medical student. She found that getting information on health tech hard to access and fragmented.

What started off as a small project of compiling health tech news snowballed into creating a community of 3000 people interested and working in health tech, called What The Health.

Naturally, founders started reaching out to her for advice, and investors would ask for tips on who to talk to in health tech.

This led to Em being approached to join Side Stage Ventures - a brand new Australian VC fund. Oh, and it's co-founded by the founders of a little startup called LinkTree.

At Side Stage Ventures, Em gets to hone in on her investing skills from great founders and investors.

She gets to do this while building up her community and connections in Australia’s health tech space - which will get her even more incredible opportunities.

So, writing content makes you smarter, helps you build a likeminded community, and can land you your next big opportunity.

Are you ready to start writing?

Well, you’re in luck.

We’re creating a new short program on writing online. If you’re interested, you can sign up below.

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