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🤔 Not getting hired? Try this.

Osfield's startup story

It’s 2:23am and you’re still awake, looking through job postings.

You’re so tired.

Tired of seeing thousands of applicants on an entry-level job posting.

Tired of seeing so-called “entry-level” roles require 5+ years of experience.

But what can you do?

While you can stand out with these 4 strategies, you can also do something else altogether.

This is his story.

Appointment management made easy.

Learn to solve a problem

Osfield learned mobile app development, UX design, and product management.

“I tried learning as much as I could,” he said. “It was very difficult. I wish I had EntryLevel back then.”

He used his knowledge to solve a problem in his community: difficulty finding barbers.

It was earlier this year when he came across EntryLevel.

Focusing on learning

“There are so many resources out there, you can get overwhelmed,” Osfield shared.

His advice for you?

Pick 1 place (like EntryLevel) and start there.

“Go in with the mindset that you can learn more somewhere else later.”

You can also join the EntryLevel community to get more resources and job postings.

6 weeks at EntryLevel

Osfield took EntryLevel’s product management course, and applied everything he learned to his own startup.

Every night, he’d work on the product management course, then work on his startup.

That’s why his advice for entry-level students hoping to break into tech is to work on your startup.

Working on a startup

“The more you learn, the more you can do.”

Being part of a startup means you learn faster.

You get to apply what you learn immediately.

It’s also a way to stand out in the job search, because not many people have created their own startups before.

it shows you have initiative - something many companies hire for.

Psst: you can find others to build a startup product with you in EntryLevel’s community (you can also say hi to Osfield!)

Connect with Osfield

Inspired by Osfield’s story?

Leave a LinkedIn connection note: https://www.linkedin.com/in/osfield-gaga-482055144/

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