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Stop setting goals for 2024. Do this instead.

How do you feel when you realize it’s the last month of 2023?

Excited for the next year?

Or guilty because you feel like you could’ve accomplished more?

Here’s my system to help you learn from 2023 and make 2024 the best year for your career.


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Daily habits

Every day, I fill out a Google form based on the goals I set for the year.

My goal: be more physically active.

What I tracked: whether I stretched or not (yes/no).

Pie graph showing 61.4% of days I haven't stretched, and 38.6% I've stretched

Turning my goal into a daily habit reminded me to take consistent action.

For you, try tracking hours spent learning every day.

Weekly reflection

At the end of every week, I answer a list of questions that help me set my priorities for the next week.

It makes sure I’m spending time on things that align with my goals.

Steal my list of reflection questions:

Wins: what gave me energy?

Losses: what drained energy?

What should I say no to?

What will that allow me to say yes to?

Gratitude (list 5 things)

Goals for the week ahead

Monthly audits

Every month, I look at my daily and weekly reflections to check whether I’m on track for my goals.

I also see if I need to change any of my goals for the next month to better align with my values.

Quarterly questions

Every 3 months, I look at how my last 3 months went.

Answering these questions help me understand what I need to change about my habits or mindset to achieve my goals.

Steal my questions:

What created energy?

What drained energy?

What’s my most important thing right now (personal, professional, health, relationships, finance)?

Are my current habits aligned with my most important thing?

What’s creating drag on my progress right now?

Next steps for me

Yearly vision-setting

At the end of every year, I use these questions (and all my weekly, monthly, and quarterly reflections) to reflect on my year.

Steal my questions (I took them from this post):

What did I change my mind on this year?

What created energy this year?

What drained energy this year?

Who were the boat anchors in my life (that dragged me down)?

What did I not do because of fear?

What were my greatest hits and worst misses this year?

What did I learn this year?

This informs my goals for the next year.

Then, I:

  • Create a moodboard or vision board to visualize my ideal lifestyle and goals

  • Make a list of SMART goals for each area of my life (health, wealth, social, etc.)

  • Turn the goals into daily or weekly habits I can monitor the progress of

  • Share my learnings and goals on social media to stay accountable and inspire others

It’s not just about goals

Setting goals are great, but many people tend to forget about them after January.

That’s why you need to turn your goals into consistent daily action.

Your turn

What goals do you have for 2024?

How can you turn them into consistent habits?

Share your answers to these on LinkedIn and tag @EntryLevel.

Here’s an example you can copy paste:

I just read @EntryLevel’s tech career newsletter article about why you SHOULDN’T just set goals - you should also make sure they’re paired with consistent habits.

A goal I have for 2024 is…

To turn this goal into a consistent habit, I will…

Read more examples of turning goals into consistent habits in the newsletter: blog.entrylevel.net