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🔎 Your tech job search guide

Step by step instructions for beginners

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How do you actually land a job in tech?

These proven EntryLevel student success stories reveal how - and will inspire you to do the same.


Learn tech skills in 6 weeks.

Learn with EntryLevel.net, get a portfolio, and get certified.

Beginner to tech? No problem. Get guidance for portfolio project and show it off to recruiters in 6 weeks.

1. Improve your LinkedIn

As soon as I optimized my profile on LinkedIn, I had two employers reach out to me.

Christiana, EntryLevel product management student

Here are quick ways to improve your LinkedIn:

  • Add industry key words in your headline

  • Have a custom profile URL

  • Add a “link in bio” that goes to your portfolio (EntryLevel helps you make a portfolio + website)

  • Include your email contact

  • Post about what you’re learning

  • Connect with industry experts and comment on their posts

2. Post about what you’re learning

I shared my portfolio online, and got a message asking to hire me.

Eric, EntryLevel UX design student

Eric advises anyone starting out in the tech world to share your work online.

“You never know who is looking.”

Here are ways you can share your work online:

  • Show your project progress - like going through EntryLevel learning modules

  • Include screenshots, videos, or gifs of your work

  • Follow others in the same industry and comment on their posts

  • Ask for feedback on your work in online communities

  • Make a post every day sharing something new you learned (from an article, YouTube video, or email like this one)

3. Get good project experience

I confidently navigated the interview process and landed my first internship job…EntryLevel’s practical learning experience set me apart from other candidates.

Jennifer, EntryLevel product management student

Hiring managers look at your portfolio projects to see whether you have the skills they’re hiring for.

Here’s how you can get more project experience for your portfolio:

4. Learn from others

Joining a community guarantees you’re going to learn faster.

Alexa, EntryLevel data analyst student

How do you know if you’re learning correctly?

Join a community.

People will give you feedback to improve.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get job referrals.

Have an AI help you find your perfect career

Our friends at Athyna have made an AI tool called Ava to help you do all of this and more much easier. What’s even better is they are giving our readers 50 AI Credits for free which is renewed monthly!

Ava can help with

  • improving your LinkedIn Profile

  • generating resumes

  • curating a perfect job for you


You’ll get hired if you do these consistently:

  1. Improve your LinkedIn

  2. Post about what you’re learning

  3. Get good project experience

  4. Learn from others

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