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📈 Transitioning into tech: Melvina’s story

How Melvina became a PM in 4 months


“It’s your journey, you have to own it.”

She started as a virtual assistant. After taking EntryLevel’s Product Management course, she landed a PM role.

Here are 3 strategies she used to successfully break into tech.

Psst: there’s a bonus tip at the end with the #1 most valuable thing Melvina has learned in her tech journey. Plus, we’re hosting an event…make sure to vote which event would be most helpful for you. Read to the end to vote!

Feedback on Melvina's story People said they were inspired by her story and that it's encouraging.

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1. Post your learnings on LinkedIn

Melvina started a 100 day challenge on LinkedIn.

“People were looking at my profile,” she said. “My posts had to be relevant and show what I was learning.”

If you’re reaching out to people for jobs and your profile is blank, you’re missing out on opportunities.

Because people will check out your profile to see what you’re up to.

Posting your learnings and projects shows them you’re dedicated.

Blank profile is bad. Melvina's LinkedIn profile is ore optimized - she shares her learnings and projects.

2. Be clear when doing cold outreach

Here’s what Melvina did to get job referrals:

  1. Search “product manager” (or your target role) on LinkedIn

  2. Researched the person’s profile to find out how to add value

  3. Messaged the person with a connection note

Add note to LinkedIn invitation

But how do you add value if you’re a complete beginner?

For PMs, you can review the product. Give feedback (and compliments).

Even if they don’t refer you to a job, they may give you valuable feedback.

3. Join a community

Remember how Melvina started a 100 day challenge, posting every day on LinkedIn?

It was because she knew others in the tech community were doing something similar.

Every event she went to had experts advise newbies to “show yourself” - and sharing everything you’re learning on LinkedIn is a way to do that.

A community speeds up your progress because you can:

  • Ask questions

  • Find accountability partners

  • Get experience collaborating with other people - an important workplace skill

You can get started in our community - it’s full of people trying to break into tech (and some who’ve successfully broken into tech)!

We even have a memes channel.

EntryLevel community with job postings and memes.

Bonus tip: Make mistakes

The most valuable thing Melvina has learned in her tech journey?

Make mistakes.

Her very first cold outreach message was not great. She was uncertain.

But she got feedback and improved.

“When you make mistakes, you know the next day will be better because you’ll improve.”

This growth mindset is very common among successful job seekers.


  1. Post your learnings on LinkedIn

  2. Be clear when doing cold outreach

  3. Join a community

  4. Make mistakes

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