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The ultimate question to ask an interviewer

Say this - When an interviewer asks if you have any questions for them.

"Do you have any questions for us?"

As the interviewer's words hang in the air, panic sets in.

What should you ask? You want a question that showcases your intelligence and foresight.

You panic and ask them what their credentials are!

Skip the stress—here’s the golden question that could set you apart from the competition.

When I transitioned from aspiring mechanical engineer to marketing maven, I learned the power of asking the right question. Now, I want to pass that key onto you. In this series, I'll share actionable steps to land a fantastic job, starting with today's game-changing question:

“If you hire me, what do you see me working on in the next 6 months?”

This question does more than just elicit a response; it strategically shifts the interviewer's perception, encouraging them to view you as part of the team. It's a subtle form of social engineering—a technique often used in information security to influence others. Here, it's your tool to embed yourself in the interviewer’s vision.

If you’re not familiar with social engineering, it’s the tactics used typically by hackers to gain access to confidential information, build rapport with people and get them to do what they want. However, surely we can take a page from their book to help us land a job, right?

Here is what is happening when you ask the question:

You are shifting their perspective of you from a potential ‘candidate’ to an actual hire. As they answer the question and think about it, they have to now envision you as a hire for the role.

You know when a psychic pretends to know information but they are just letting you fill in the gaps?

“The spirits are telling me, someone close to you is contacting me. A man perhaps, a little older”

“Oh my god! My uncle Tom! Is he contacting me?” you respond.

“yes yes! Tom that’s his name” the psychic confirms as if they knew exactly what you were going to say.

By having the other person fill the gaps or think about you that way, they are believing the ‘story’ more and more.

Furthermore, it also gives you an opportunity to add any stories or things you’ve done that fit in nicely with what they might want you to do.

Important: Reserve this question for the hiring manager—the person who would be your boss. They can provide insights that a recruiter cannot.

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