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🕹️ Video games help you land a job. Here's how


“You’re useless!”

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably felt like screaming that at a random teammate before.

Or maybe you’ve even had that screamed at you.

And if you’re job searching, those two words have probably haunted you…

Because otherwise, why is it so hard to get hired?

I’m here to tell you you’re NOT useless.

Some people may call video games useless too.

But that’s not true, and I’ll prove it - by showing you 3 ways gaming can help you land a job.


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1. Workplace communication

To improve your gaming skills - especially in team-based games - you need immediate feedback.

You need teammates to tell you how to improve, and vice versa.

But nowadays, while working remotely, it’s hard to get immediate feedback on your work.

It’s even harder when you’re job searching, and companies don’t respond to you for months.

But you can practice better workplace communication while gaming.

In gaming: watch and observe how your teammates are playing to better adapt your playing style to theirs

In the workplace: watch how your coworkers work, so you can better support them

While job searching: watch a company’s and their employee’s activities, so you can pinpoint what their biggest problems are and how you can help solve them

2. Networking

“Your network is your net worth.”

Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, you have to admit that networking is important.

It’s how you get referrals to jobs, connections in the industry you’re trying to break into, and mentorship to improve.

But it’s intimidating to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

That’s where video games come in.

If you love playing a specific video game, find someone else who loves that game. It’s an easy conversation starter!

You might also make surprising connections while playing with

3. Technological adaptation

When playing new games, you often have to learn new ways of doing things.

By learning to adapt to new rules quickly, you ensure you’ll fit into any team you join - including any tools they use that you might be unfamiliar with.

And more

Video games also help with your problem-solving and analytical skills - both of which are transferrable to the workplace.

It also helps with:

  • Time management (well…only if you can balance gaming on top of your other day-to-day tasks)

  • Portfolio-building (if you create projects inspired by games you like)

  • Focus and concentration

  • Teamwork

So are games really useless?

Hopefully after reading all this, you feel a little less guilty about “wasting time” playing games.

Because everything you learn while having fun is still useful - it’s something you can apply to your career.

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