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Land an entry-level tech job: where to start

Clear next steps to take today for your career

Feeling overwhelmed with resources on how to break into tech?

Here’s all you need to do today.

Clear steps outlined below.

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If you’re looking for a tech job…

  1. Watch how this student landed an internship right after taking a 6-week tech course

  2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  3. Work on portfolio projects to get experience - EntryLevel’s online, part-time, 6-week courses can help

If you want to be a data analyst…

  1. Listen to this data analyst’s (28.6k Twitter followers) advice for newbies

  2. Read this article and do the self-assessment outlined in step 2

  3. Take a course (like EntryLevel’s) so you can work on a portfolio project

If you want to be a product manager…

  1. Listen to Ayomide’s story and how she landed 2 jobs within just 6 months

  2. Create a career roadmap with this FREE template

  3. Connect with at least 2-3 product people on LinkedIn today. Remember to leave a connection note! Use this template: “Hi <insert name here>, I am <insert 1 sentence about yourself>. I just transferred into <insert field> recently and I came across your profile. I love your content, especially when you shared <insert thing from their profile here>. I would love to connect and learn more from you.”

If you want to be a UX designer…

  1. Watch this video from EntryLevel’s UX Design instructor from Amazon to know if UX is for you

  2. Learn product design from this FREE workshop

  3. Come up with a list of questions based on the 2 videos you watched above, and book a FREE mentorship session on ADPList to ask them

If you want to become a developer…

  1. Watch this video on learning programming as a beginner

  2. Copy paste this prompt to ChatGPT: “You’re an expert career consultant. I’m interested in becoming a developer, but I’m a complete beginner. Create a 6-month learning plan to help me land my first job. Ask me questions about my previous experiences and skills to better inform the learning plan, so it’s well-suited to my preferences and schedule.”

  3. Check out EntryLevel’s Python and No-Code Frontend Web Dev (Webflow) courses

If you want to be a marketer…

  1. Read this article about a day in my life as a growth marketer at an edtech startup (EntryLevel)

  2. Decide what industry you’re most passionate about (fintech, edtech, healthtech, etc.)

  3. Create sample projects for that industry. You can look at sample marketing job postings to see the tasks you can try. For example, a project could be creating sample social media posts or ads for a fake company

  4. (Optional) If you need additional advice, email me personally at [email protected] with the subject “marketing help” :) I broke into tech as a marketer but I’ve never taken a marketing course (I studied psychology)

If you want to go into startups…

  1. Listen to this interview about how Osfield learned to grow his startup

  2. Save these startup tech stack links

  3. Want to raise funding? Check out EntryLevel’s VC Analyst course

Will you take action for your tech career today?

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